We donate to charities when you shop online at no cost to you

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Activate Good People Click so that a percentage of your purchases go to charity at no cost to you. All it takes is one click to be a good person.

How does it work?

  1. From our Shop page, click the store you want to shop at and then shop as usual. Simple as that.
  2. This activates our affiliate tracking, so ~2% of your purchases will go to charity at no cost to you!
  3. The store pays us for referring you and we use this money to make donations.

We donate 50%+ of our revenue to charity and use the remainder to continue growing Good People Click, to make an even bigger impact.

Why use Good People Click?

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3 simple steps

Go to the shop page, use one of our links to shop, and we'll take care of donating.

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It costs nothing

No extra cost to you. All donations come out of our earned revenue.

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You make a positive impact

All it takes is one click to help others and join a community of good people.

Share the love ♡

It might take more than 1 click, but please share this site with your friends to help make a bigger impact. We don’t have a huge marketing budget, so every share helps.

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